Information Security Basic Policy

EP-SOGO, as a company contributing to the development of healthcare through the support of medical institutions, established a basic policy for comprehensive information security. EP-SOGO continuously operates, monitors, reviews, maintains and further improves the implementation of the basic policy.
Also, in order to maintain an information security level based on laws and regulations, EP-SOGO always endeavors to improve the information security understanding of all directors and employees, and ensures protection of information from unauthorized network access, leakage, alteration and any other infringements.

  1. Thorough compliance
    All directors and employees of EP-SOGO shall comply with laws, regulations and company rules under high level ethics and responsibilities.
  2. Implementation, monitoring, review, maintenance and improvement of the information security management system
    In order to implement the information security management system, EP-SOGO shall analyze risks and establish management measures accordingly. Also for continuous monitoring, review, maintenance, and improvement, EP-SOGO shall evaluate the effectiveness of the management measures and review and correct them and take preventative measures as required.
  3. Education and enlightenment
    For thorough practice of the basic policy and management measures, and for improving awareness of information security, EP-SOGO shall develop and implement education and enlightenment programs.
  4. Establishment of the management system
    EP-SOGO shall establish the system to manage and promote information security measures for company assets.
  5. Violation
    All directors and employees of EP-SOGO shall act based on a separate “ISMS Document”. In case of violation, penalty provisions of the work rules are applied.
  6. Establishment of the personal information protection system
    EP-SOGO shall establish the system to manage and promote security measurement for personal information of all directors and employees of EP-SOGO and personal information collected and maintained by EP-SOGO.

January 26, 2017
EP-SOGO Co., Ltd.