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Clinical trials are essential to the progress of medicine by developing new diagnosis and treatment techniques and their execution is regarded as an important responsibility For Clinical Sites. EP-SOGO supports clinical trial operations comprehensively as a mediator between clinical sites and sponsors.

Secure Support Service for Clinical Trials

EP-SOGO provides "secure" support service for clinical trials as the largest site management organization (SMO) in Japan.

As the largest SMO in Japan partnering with about 6,600 clinical sites from flagship hospitals all over Japan to specialist clinics, experienced CRCs support clinical trials in any therapeutic areas from a lifestyle-related disease to cancer.

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Meeting Needs of Clinical Trials

EP-SOGO introduces clinical trials meeting your expectations.

Almost all pharmaceutical companies in Japan and most of major global pharmaceutical companies are our clients. EP-SOGO can introduce clinical trials meeting your expectation. If you are interested in participation to clinical trials or in increasing the clinical trial at your site, please consult us.

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Total Support for Administrative Work

EP-SOGO supports complicated administrative work professionally and smoothly.

EP-SOGO offers comprehensive preparation of the environment required for execution of clinical trials at your site, including support to establish a clinical trial center or Institutional Review Board (IRB), creation of documents complying with GCP, and helping medical institutions handle complicated administrative work properly and smoothly both during the startup period and during implementation of clinical trials.

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SPG-Remote Medical for SYNOV-R, a remote SDV-system

Next-Generation Remote-SDV Realizes Streamlined and Accelerated Clinical Trial Operations

Our new-generation Remote-SDV system named "SPG-Remote Medical for SYNOV-R" realizes direct access to source documents (Remote-SDV) from outside of medical institutions for monitoring documents used in clinical trials, without visiting the medical institutions. SYNOV-R has been highly evaluated for its robust security, ease of installation and ease of operation. SYNOV-R will streamline and accelerate the clinical trial operations.

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TOMA-s, a clinical study progress report system

A cloud-based study progress report system for clinical sites.

The development of this system started from our client’s concern —Can’t we simplify the management of study progress? —. EP-SOGO has developed this system for clinical sites. We prioritized the users’ convenience, so it has a wide variety of functions needed for study progress management.

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The Cloud System for Computerized Management of Clinical Trial Documents

DDworks NX/Trial Site Offers Many Benefits.

DDworks NX/Trial Site is a cloud system for common management of clinical trial documents. We can offer a number of advantages to both sponsors and medical institutions through this system, which EP-SOGO introduces for you.


  • Making the operation paperless by computerizing the various original data.

  • Allowing computerization of relevant operational processes.

  • Improving operational efficiency and reducing costs including those for manpower, study materials and space for archiving.

  • Reducing physical contact in the pandemic of COVID-19.

  • Improving security… and a number of other benefits!

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High-Quality Rating

EP-SOGO dispatches our raters to save your manpower.

Because clinical trials in the psychiatry field or central nerve system field require implementation of rating scales, you may be afraid of shortage of the in-house raters. EP-SOGO dispatches raters with advanced expertise to save your site’s manpower to support the smooth progress of clinical trials.

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For inquiries about clinical trial operation, please contact us via the contact form below.