About This Website

On this page, recommended operation environment, useful features and meaning of icons when you use this website are explained.

Recommended browsers

Internet Explorer 10 or above, the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.


On this website, there are pages using JavaScript. If you disable JavaScript with your browser, those pages may not function or be displayed appropriately. When you use this website, please enable JavaScript with your browser.


This website uses stylesheets. If you disable stylesheets with your browser, pages may not be displayed appropriately. When you use this website, please enable stylesheets with your browser.

Required plug-in

For viewing PDF files

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader download page


In order to make this website accessible for as many as people possible, we continuously work on web accessibility based on guidelines including Web Contents Accessibility Guideline released by WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), one of the organizations under W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Searching within this website

OR condition search is available: if you search using multiple words inserting a space between each word, pages including any of those words are found. There are more results found with this condition.


  • : Link to a PDF file.
  • : Linked to external website and new window opens when this icon is clicked.


User’s personal information sent with contact forms through this website is protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encrypted communication. If you use a web browser that supports the security function, your personal information including name, address, and phone number is automatically encrypted when it is sent/received. Depending on the user’s firewall setting, the pages with the contact forms may not be usable.

SSL 3.0

When you use this website, you have to enable TLS 1.0 or the above version. If only SSL 3.0 is enabled, some pages cannot be used. Please check your browser setting by following the below procedure:

How to check the browser setting of Microsoft Internet Explorer

On the menu bar*1, open Tool -> Internet Options.
Open Advanced Setting tab on the right side and check if the checkboxes of “TLS 1.0”, “TLS 1.2” and “TLS 1.2”*2 are ticked under Security.

*1 If the menu bar is not visible, click the gear mark on the right corner of the screen. Then select Internet Options.
*2 Some versions of browsers may not have “TLS 1.1” and “TLS 1.2”options.