Rating for Clinical Trials and Mental Health Care

Rating for Clinical Trials and Mental Health Care Provided by the Largest SMO in Japan

A clinical psychologist, who is a specialist of psychology, bears social responsibility and requires knowledge and techniques including interview methods as a high-level professional, as well as “humanity” and a “sense of ethics”. EP-SOGO provides a sufficient number of experienced clinical psychologists who practice extensively as professionals to support the medical front line.

Rating for Clinical Trials

EP-SOGO dispatches an “Clinical Rater of Neuropsychology Test” involved in clinical research and trial to medical institutions

Although clinical research and trial in the psychiatric or CNS field requires administering rating scales, many medical institutions struggle to secure doctors and specialists of psychology who can be the raters.
EP-SOGO’s raters have advanced expertise and skills, and are familiar with the industry and works related to clinical trials. You can utilize them to make the operation more efficient and solve various issues related to efficiency, speed, cost, and data quality on execution of sponsor-initiated clinical trials.

Psychological evaluation work

Administering Rating Scales with High Quality

EP-SOGO provides rater trainings individually or as a group on a regular basis for how to administrate rating scales. Our raters with expertise and skills, backed by EP-SOGO’s high-quality education system and experience, administer rating scales. This will help to minimize inter-rater variations . Also, because EP-SOGO’s trained raters visit clinical sites just on the day of rating corresponding to a clinical trial, the drug efficacy and effectiveness can be evaluated without bias against the subjects.

Correspond to Large-Scale Studies

Utilizing our raters, you can handle large cases at a medical institution.

Reduce Investigators’ Work Load

By outsourcing the ratings to EP-SOGO’s trained raters, you can administer rating scales while saving the time of investigators and specialists at clinical sites, where a shortfall in human resources is apparent.

Mental Healthcare

Total Support for Corporate Mental Health Management

Our psychologists support corporate mental healthcare as consultants. We have psychologists who are familiar with various industry areas and labor management issues to provide appropriate support as clinical psychologists intermediating between management and employees. Also, EP-SOGO has established a supervision system (guidance and education including case reviews), cooperating with legal, medical and welfare professionals, and medicine-and psychology-specialized institutions. Therefore, EP-SOGO can provide a high quality one-stop service.

Counseling Support by Professional Psychologists

As professionals in mental problems, EP-SOGO’s psychologists have affluent experience and experience in psychological support for various disorders (a variety of tests, psychotherapy, counseling, etc.) to provide attentive mental support, considering clients’ personalities, environments, and backgrounds.

Patient Support at Medical Institutions

EP-SOGO’s psychologists also work in psychiatric and psychosomatic departments to help patients with mental support. However, psychological support is required for other diseases (gastroenterology, gynecology, and pediatrics departments, etc.) too. It is reported that adding mental support to physical therapy could improve treatment results. EP-SOGO’s psychologists are engaged in new activities to provide mental support for disorders of new categories that had not been supported before.

Train Psychological Professionals with Advanced Knowledge and Skills

Improve Quality through Practical Trainings

In order to respond to various needs of clinical psychology tests in medical practices, EP-SOGO has experienced practitioners as instructors. Through their practical trainings based on their experience, EP-SOGO’s psychologists continue to improve their skills and maintain their motivation.

Train Next-Generation Psychologists

As a leading company of the industry, EP-SOGO aims to train and produce advanced mental health professionals corresponding to various needs.
EP-SOGO started to organize open seminars for psychologists ahead of other companies in the industry. Also, in 2018, leveraging EP-SOGO’s industry-leading affluent experience and know-hows accumulated so far, EP-SOGO has already held workshops for those aiming to be ‘licensed psychologists’, the newly set national qualification by the Japanese government.

Train Next-Generation Psychologists

Job Opportunities for Raters

EP-SOGO recruits practitioners who have experience with rating scales and are willing to administer rating scales for clinical trials all over Japan.

Flow of Rating Works for Clinical Trials

Seminar Information

Open Rater Training

  • Nov. 09, 2019Tokyo:The 4th Skill Improvement Workshop - Diagnosis and interpretation of neuropsychology symptoms according to the results of the ratings
  • Jul. 13, 2019Osaka: The 6th Skill Improvement Clinical Psychology Assessment - Clinical trial rating skill improvement workshop
  • Jun. 22, 2019Osaka: The 3rd Skill Improvement Workshop - How to implement WAIS-Ⅳ, the simplified version of WAIS-Ⅲ, and the basics of rating practice
  • Feb. 23, 2019Tokyo: The 2nd Skill Improvement Workshop – Learning about WAIS-Ⅳ
  • Dec. 01, 2018Tokyo: The 5th Skill Improvement Workshop for Clinical Psychology Assessment and Clinical Trial Rating
  • Aug. 04, 2018Tokyo: The 1st Skill Improvement Workshop - To expected examinees of licensed rater
  • Jun. 09, 2018Osaka: The 4th Skill Improvement Workshop for Clinical Psychology Assessment and Clinical Trial Rating - Focusing on the rating of dementia, and ADL (Activities of Daily Living) and problematic behaviors of elderly people
  • Nov. 12, 2017Tokyo: The 3rd Skill Improvement Workshop for Clinical Psychology Assessment and Clinical Trial Rating - Focusing on the assessment of dementia, and ADL (Activities of Daily Living) and problematic behaviors by the aged
  • Sep. 09, 2017Osaka: Skill Improvement Workshop for Clinical Psychology Assessment and Clinical Trial Rating - Focusing on demonstration of CDR
  • Mar. 04, 2017Tokyo: Workshop to Improve Clinical Practice of Neuropsychological Assessment - Focusing on the assessment of the cognitive function of the aged


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