Top Management


We have targeted reaching the next stage of clinical trial business.
Now we are stepping forward to “New Value Creation”.

The environment of clinical trials in Japan is changing drastically.

Trends of drug development are shifting from lifestyle diseases to cancer, CNS and rare diseases. Furthermore, new types of drugs embracing cell and gene technologies are emerging. The protocols of these studies are more difficult and more complicated than conventional studies. Accordingly, higher level of expertise is required of CRCs. To accommodate these changes, we are making further efforts to intensively improve the proficiency of our CRCs with disease training by external trainers and participation in domestic and overseas conferences.

In addition, clinical trial processes are also undergoing significant changes. Revision of ICH-E6 is requiring efficiency improvement of quality control systems. On top of this, the industry accelerated the effort to streamline clinical trial operations as COVID-19 pandemic restricted physical contacts in trial activities.

In this context, EP-SOGO was the first company that developed Hybrid-CRCs cooperating with the EPS Corporation, group company CRO. EP-SOGO has also introduced Fujitsu's clinical trial solution for clinical sites "DDworks NX/Trial site" to digitize clinical trial documents and improve the operational efficiency, and developed and started to use a next-generation remote SDV system "SYNOV-R", and our own cloud-based progress management system "TOMA-s" at the clinical sites. These are just some of the examples of our endeavors to go beyond the conventional boundaries of the industry and to provide services that utilize Internet of Things (IOT) technologies.

Our corporate philosophy is “If we improve each day, we can progress ourselves daily, and will continue to do so. —Ever Progressing System—". Based on this philosophy, we will collaborate with EPS Group company affiliates as “One EPS”.

Additionally, for EP-SOGO, “New Value Creation” is to provide ever progressing high-quality services while maintaining core values. Everyone at EP-SOGO has stepped forward to work together on “New Value Creation”. With a strong sense of responsibility and firm commitment to healthcare as the No. 1 SMO in Japan, hoping that new drugs reach patients as early as possible, and that the industry develops further, we would like to progress step by step with you, our valued customers.