CRC Services

EP-SOGO has numerous experienced Clinical Research Coordinators to support high-quality clinical trials

A Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) provides on-site support for clinical trials, working with investigators. Over 1,000 CRCs works for EP-SOGO to handle every type of clinical trials including therapeutic areas requiring advanced expertise such as cancers and circulatory diseases. Additionally through human resource development focusing on communication, EP-SOGO trains CRCs to provide subjects with emotional support and to assist the execution of safe and smooth clinical trials from various aspects.

CRC’s Main Tasks


Support clinical trials from a wide range of perspectives

Once a clinical trial starts, as a member of the clinical trial team, a CRC helps the clinical trial proceed smoothly, working closely with investigators.


Reliable reporting in English

EP-SOGO has established an English translation support team to handle increasing global clinical trials.
Further, EP-SOGO holds English trainings on a regular basis to train staff to handle global trials.


Highly professional education for CRC

CRC’s tasks require a variety of expertise including not only knowledge of medicine and pharmacy but also legal knowledge related to GCP. In addition, the role requires various capabilities such as coordinating and negotiating skills as a mediator between pharmaceutical companies and clinical sites, as well as high ethical standards and communication skills to care for subjects physically and mentally. To train CRCs who help to allow clinical trials to proceed smoothly and appropriately with their extensive knowledge and dispositions, EP-SOGO has established our own education system focusing on continuity and practicality.