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EP-SOGO, as an SMO leading the industry, supports clinical trials and post marketing clinical trials conducted at clinical sites.
EP-SOGO realizes the optimal matching between sponsors and clinical sites with the largest network of contracted sites in the industry and the wide coverage of therapeutic areas.

Role of CRB (Central Review Board)

CRB is a function inside EP-SOGO to check the reliability of feasibility studies conducted at the candidate clinical sites.
Led by former CRCs, they check the reliability of expected subject numbers based on the in-house database, leveraging their experience as CRCs.

”Frontier” package reduces sponsors’ workload

EP-SOGO provides a service called ”Frontier”, in which we support sponsors by taking over part of their operations needed to start up clinical trials.
Traditionally, as part of operations, CRAs visit clinical sites to start up the clinical trials. However, by substituting EP-SOGO for CRAs, workload of sponsors will be dramatically reduced, which ultimately leads to a reduction in the total cost of clinical trials.
*Please note that tasks EP-SOGO can execute instead of CRAs are limited to those that SMOs are allowed to execute.

Single point of contact reducing time, workload and cost

When central IRB is used for multi-site clinical trials, sponsors need to spend a lot of time and manpower for arrangements with or confirmations for each site. EP-SOGO’s solution is to intermediate with sponsors and each site and support their correspondences as a single point of contact, which will realize reduction in the workload of both sponsors and sites.

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