The Greetings from Representative Director

Making the Most of Synergies to Respond to Increasingly Sophisticated Medical and Healthcare Needs

To rapidly respond to increasingly sophisticated customer needs, EP-SOGO will make the most of synergies from the consolidation of the EPS Group’s SMO operations. We will proactively advance reforms and the application of IT in our business processes, and introduce greater speed and efficiency in our clinical research support operations. Providing the high-quality SMO services needed to address rising demand in the most challenging areas of medical research ? involving maladies such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease ? requires CRCs with high levels of skill and experience for leading research projects. EP-SOGO, therefore, is working diligently to expand CRC skill development opportunities and strengthen career-development support, while also creating a work environment where individual CRCs can thrive and fully exercise their skills. EP-SOGO will also draw on the overall capabilities of the EPS Group to rise to the challenges of creating high-value-added services integrating CRO, SMO, and CSO functions and providing new services that support operational reforms at our medical institution partners. As the industry leader, EP-SOGO is committed to raising the bar for added value in SMO services and contributing to the advancement of medicine and healthcare.

President & CEO
Shinro Tashiro

Company Profile

Corporate Name EP-SOGO Co., Ltd.
Head Office Kagurazaka AK Bldg., 1-8 Tsukudocho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0821
TEL: +81-3-4218-3500/FAX: +81-3-4218-3511
Establishment Dec-99
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Employees 1,647 (As of July 1, 2018)
Representative Directors Shinro Tashiro
Satoshi Okoso
Main Banks MUFG Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Resona Bank, Mizuho Bank

Business Network

  • Sapporo Branch
  • Kushiro Office
  • Asahikawa Office
  • Hakodate Office
  • Sendai Branch
  • Morioka Office
  • Yamagata Office
  • Koriyama Office
  • Chiba Branch
  • Omiya Branch
  • Utsunomiya Office
  • Niigata Office
  • Tokyo Branch
  • Hachioji Office
  • Yamanashi Office
  • Yokohama Branch
  • Shizuoka Office
  • Nagoya Branch
  • Kanazawa Office
  • Fukui Office
  • Osaka Branch
  • Hiroshima Branch
  • Okayama Office
  • Yamaguchi Office
  • Takamatsu Branch
  • Tokushima Office
  • Matsuyama Office
  • Kochi Office
  • Fukuoka Branch
  • Kitakyushu Office
  • Nagasaki Office
  • Kumamoto Office
  • Miyazaki Office
  • Kagoshima Office
  • Naha Office

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